Maintaining a strong supply chain is vital to all businesses in manufacturing and engineering. Relationships between companies – along with customer satisfaction levels – strengthen with every transaction completed on time. Manufacturers come to rely on their trusted suppliers more and more.

Euramax Solutions Ltd approached Nottinghamshire-based S&S Plastics with an extensive and diverse catalogue of plastic products to fulfil and an expected complete project lead time of around six months.

S&S Plastics investigated the catalogue of over 50 components and successfully project-managed each one from introduction of tooling, through to mainstream production, finalising the programme within 12 weeks.

S&S’ General Manager, Richard Munyard, sheds some insight into how S&S Plastics reduces production times: “I think what sets us apart is the level of care we take with our tooling. We have very high standards in that regard. Many of our tools are 25 years old and still going strong today. Replenishing tools can cost a great deal of production time so, by looking after our tools, we eliminate that part of the process and improve long-terms costs which of course we pass straight on to the customer.”

By keeping S&S Plastics as their ongoing supplier, the customer will enjoy the peace of mind of having stocks held at the production facility for delivery as needed.

Nick Burton, Purchasing Manager at Euramax Solutions Ltd: “Our customers expect nothing short of excellence throughout our supply chains, therefore any changes to items within our inventories have to be managed admirably, without incident. Thankfully, S&S are able to do this. We now have a stream of products at our disposal operating through a varying range of stocking policies, such as Kanban. They managed to reintroduce a cost-effective supply to us while at the same time exceeding our expectations of product quality and turnaround time.”