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Plastic Bearings & Assemblies
Thermoplastic Corrosion Resistant Bearings

Critical bearings

Thermoplastic, corrosion-resistant, plastic bearings and assemblies solve all manner of engineering problems.

OEMs value critical bearings’ price performance and resilience:

As such, you’ll find plastic bearings in the wheels, pulleys and roller bearings found in most industry sectors:

Experience of working across all these sectors brings a rich array of choices when it comes to designing, tooling, prototyping and producing your plastic bearings and associated assembly.

We regularly invest in new technology to keep up to date.

Checklist to procure best practice in plastic, critical bearings and assemblies

Here’s a checklist to ensure you (the buyer) accurately define the services your production partner (we) will provide:

1 Team – is there a meeting of minds with this critical link in your supply chain? Meeting as many as you can from the first meeting with all the relevant members of the team:

2 Design – ask your production partner (eg S&S Plastics) to help you see your component in a new ‘production light’. They should be telling you how to reduce costs. For instance, we look to integrate as many features into your design to cut out components.

3 Minimum batch levels – is there flexibility regards delivery batches? What’s the lowest number of components in a production run?

4 Prototyping – how near the finished product will they provide a component eg for running product trials? S&S Plastics provides SLS and SLA prototype models. The choice of which depends on whether we’re testing for either mechanical or aesthetic criteria. We also provide prototype tooling where you would see your finished product ie injection moulded.

5 Drawings quality – nothing wrong with a slide rule but check the quality of the drawings. Are they using 3D CAD Solidworks? Do they understand what you mean by ‘electronic file support’ and ‘full file transfer’? Once you have an accurate digital file, that transfers directly to the two or three axis CNC tool cutting machine.

6 Robust technology – you need to judge the generation of the machine your component will be produced on. Is it about to be pensioned off? Where is it – in the UK or abroad? All S&S Plastics’ machines are in the UK. What finishing facilities are available? Ultrasonic welding, metal inserting (heat staking as well as hot inserted at the machine and over-moulding), product assembly, pad printing, hot foil block printing.

7 Reporting – how will your production partner account to you? Reports? Milestones? Service level agreement? Will your tooling be electronically registered? Will your tooling be subject to a rigorous maintenance plan monitoring the number of cycles the tool is used on?

8 Customer owned tool transfers – what protocols are in place? Will your tool be stripped, cleaned and photographed and will you be presented with a comprehensive report on its condition so any remedial work can be discussed and quoted?

9 Stockholding – are there charges for stock holding and what levels? We discuss and agree your preferred and bespoke stocking requirements.

10 Complete service – ensure you’re getting as complete a service as possible to minimise the risk of any problems ‘falling between two stools’.

11 Standards – which standards govern the production of your component? Look for ISO:9001, ISO:13485.

Critical bearings and plastic bearing assemblies

Considerations when specifying a plastic bearing assembly:

1 Optimise your inventory – fewer components helps control costs as well as smooths the supply chain. Aim to include as an integral part any gears, location pegs, clips, square/round and hexagonal bores, counter bores, drive pins and clips wherever possible without compromising functionality and aesthetics.

2 Think light – modern materials are changing our understanding of weight vs performance. This is particularly clear regards heat tolerance with exotic temperature-resistant materials.

3 Friction – keep it low to maximize drive power and save energy. Sustainability if always top of our agenda.

4 Quiet – silence is golden when it comes to smooth-running bearing assemblies.

5 Metal – composite materials work well with brass and stainless steel raceways.

6 Electroplating and vacuum-metallised finishes – available on a wide range of advanced materials.

Plastic bearings gallery

To learn more about our plastic bearings and assemblies please call us on +44 (0) 1623 555501 or email us at info@ssplastics.co.uk

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