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Electronic Housing & Enclosures
From Design to Finished Product

S&S Plastics precision-engineered products

In the fast-paced world of electronics, product quality is king. Function, durability, looks – they all count.

The look and function of an electronics enclosure or housing enhances a product. It can determine whether or not your product sells its way to the top of the bestseller lists or it’s condemned to the clear-out counter.

Whatever Pantone or RAL reference you pick – from the brightest white to the mattest black – we’ll match it.

OEMs love how we keep everything in-house thereby mitigating the risk of any security leaks stealing the thunder of your product launch.

Style sells

First impressions count. That’s coming from detail freaks like us who seek 100% efficiency. We appreciate how you present your product can make or break how it’s judged – quality or price point.

Perception is reality. How you project your brand, that’s how it’s seen.

So getting an electronic housing or enclosure is critical.

We take it from your design to CAD, tooling, prototype through to finished product with optimal unit cost.

Standards of precise production

Whether they weigh 0.1g or 700g, all S&S Plastics precision-engineered products are:

Electronic housing & enclosures gallery

To learn more about our electronic housing and enclosures please call us on +44 (0) 1623 555501 or email us at info@ssplastics.co.uk

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