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Tool Design and Manufacture
Injection Mould Tooling

Precision injection mould tools

When made in-house, S&S Plastics have invested heavily in new machinery to manufacture precision injection mould tools, these include:

Clients often elect to use in-house tooling services to protect their intellectual property (IP) as we offer complete commercial confidence and security. The most top secret product launch is safe in our hands.

Working with external off-shore toolmaking suppliers

It’s all part of our caring and proactive tooling service.

Maintenance of your tooling

“Look after your mould and your mould will look after you.”

Tooling represents a significant investment for any component. That’s why each tool under our tenure is part of our rigorous maintenance programme governed by ISO.

Every production run is inputted into an internal database and builds a full history of your tool, this includes the amount of cycles, production dates, tool repair or modifications. All this information is available to be audited by our customer at any time.

See your team who will progress your design and ensure it meets the excellence in the industry.

Tooling gallery

To learn more about our mould tool design and manufacturing services please call us on +44 (0) 1623 555501 or email us at info@ssplastics.co.uk

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