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High Quality Medical Injection Moulding Components
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Plastic injection moulded components in healthcare

Both plastic injection moulded components and associated assemblies are being used in a wide spectrum of medical and pharmaceutical markets including Disposables, Diagnostic components, Surgical instruments, Implants and Orthopaedics.

Our full accreditation ISO 13485:2016 allows us to deliver high quality healthcare components.

plastic moulding shape

Plastic in healthcare

Drawing upon our skills and knowledge developed working with R&D, technicians, product designers, medical device engineers and other innovators in the medical sector, we help discover new and better ways of delivering medical treatments.

S&S has played an active role in clinical trials in applications across many areas: nutrition, medical (biochemical and biomedical) and surgical as well as chemical engineering. That cross-discipline approach has proved to be a hotbed for fresh thinking both in terms of techniques and ideas.

Essentials for medical plastic injection moulded component manufacture

We have a specific set of facilities and accreditations that allow us to effectively deliver plastic healthcare components including:

  • In-house design, prototyping, tool making and production facilities
  • ISO 13485:2016 accreditation
  • Class 1 medical device manufacturer

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