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Medical & Pharmaceutical
Class 1 Medical Device Manufacturer

Plastic injection moulded components in healthcare

Demand for healthcare continues to grow which is driving demand for technical products.

Both plastic injection moulded components and associated assemblies are being used in a wide spectrum of medical and pharmaceutical markets:

Applications of plastic injection moulded components in healthcare are increasing because:

1 Breakthroughs in medical treatment – such as immunotherapy – are often involve administering molecules into the skin through intravenous infusion (IV) to bypass the gastrointestinal tract which would digest them.

2 Modern plastics now afford – any design – greater versatility and resistance to both heat and pressure.

3 The inert nature of many modern plastics means plastic injection moulded products remain integral when they come into contact with potent chemicals.

4 The precision of plastic injection moulding also lends itself to the absolute accuracy required of dosage – both in terms of predictable amounts and timings. Steady and timely delivery of therapeutic doses reduces side-effects and increases efficacy.

5 The increasing sophistication of plastic injection moulding industry – talent, machines and materials – is playing its part in developing new technology eg in the field of personalised medicine.

Drawing upon our skills and knowledge developed working with R&D, technicians, product designers, medical device engineers and other innovators in the medical sector, we help discover new and better ways of delivering medical treatments.

Devices are often intricate yet robust and minute in scale. S&S has played an active role in clinical trials in applications across many areas: nutrition, medical (biochemical and biomedical) and surgical as well as chemical engineering. That cross-discipline approach has proved to be a hotbed for fresh thinking both in terms of techniques and ideas.

Essentials for medical plastic injection moulded component manufacture

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