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Injection Moulding
Benefit from S&S Plastics' Experience

Total product management

If your component can be plastic injection moulded, we will find the highest quality and value-engineered way of achieving that for you. That’s the S&S Plastics promise as we:

S&S Plastics’ experience in injection moulding

Let us share with you the best practice not only from your industry sector but also from 30 years of experience of working with many others.

We enjoy excellent, low staff turnover which brings significant benefit to us as a business as well as to our customers. They have an ‘early warning system’ which rings alarm bells long before less seasoned professionals would identify a situation as being critical.

Secondary operations

Completed either concurrently with production at the machine or in a separate facility, secondary operations are always finished on dedicated work stations.

Dedicated assembly room

We use a clean environment to assemble medical components as well as critical and complex mouldings where the absence of one speck of dust could make years of difference to a component’s performance.

Range of machines

With clamp forces between 6 to 400 tonnes, the range of our moulding machines (6T, 22T, 35T, 50T, 80T, 150T, 180T, 200T, 400T) means we’re able to produce your component into precise, highly-economic – ie low unit costs -whether it weighs 0.1g or 1000g.

Range of materials

At the last count, we are the chosen provider for customers in 30 different industries. That means, we’ve a wealth of information to share with you on which materials perform best in a whole host of applications.

Let us talk through with you how your product will look, feel and perform differently depending on which material we select from the entire range of engineering polymers: PVC, glass filled nylon, polypropylene, TPE and ABS to name but a few.

Batch runs

At S&S Plastics, a small batch run – eg fewer than 250 components – is subject to the same quality regime as one of hundreds of thousands. We have experience of designing mould tools for prototypes and high volume precision production tooling for a variety of technical components.

The plastic injection moulding process

Why is plastic injection moulding the process of choice for technical products?

Plastic injection moulding manufactures large numbers of your technical product with tremendous precision, quickly.

The process involves melting plastic and injecting it into either an aluminium or steel mould (shaped like the product) and squeezed under high pressure. The final cooled product is ejected from the mould ready for the whole process to repeat.

Finished products can only be as good as their moulds from which they’re made.

Short Film of the Injection Moulding Process


To learn more about our plastic injection moulding services please call us on +44 (0) 1623 555501 or email us at info@ssplastics.co.uk

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