Ship product, not air!

Increase shipment loads whilst reducing costs.
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Stop shipping air!

Increasing pressures on supply chain efficiency means an increasing need to source novel solutions to reduce fuel costs. Insert Tubs increase load efficiency and can avoid passing on fuel costs to end consumers.

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A smarter logistics solution

Compatible with the majority of systems integration solutions, the Insert Tubs allow for increased load-carrying capabilities in your supply chain.

With fully trackable SKU separation and monitoring built-in as standard, Insert Tubs allow for up to 800% increases in product load efficiency.

Carrying more product and less air ensures that fuel rises are not so painful, and your end consumers are not hit in their pockets.

A simple, affordable solution for better logistics

With secure and trackable inventory management, you can access and move goods more efficiently. The Insert Tub can support the efficient transportation and access of goods as it allows up to eight stock-keeping units (SKUs) in a single tote and is compatible with robot systems.

Insert Tubs are also:

  • stackable when not in use, saving warehouse space
  • 100% reusable and made from 100% recycled materials – and 100% compliant with the new Plastic Packaging Tax
  • designed and manufactured in the UK
  • low-cost
  • available in a range of different sizes
S&S Insert Tubs are suitable for nesting