Sustainable storage inserts – Insert Tubs

A key part of your Net-Zero strategy and a significant tool to reduce your carbon footprint.
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Sustainable storage inserts – Insert Tubs

The Insert Tub can solve more than one problem for your business. It can help to cut your fleet’s carbon footprint, increase warehouse efficiency, and remove the need to buy, store and dispose of cardboard.

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Stop shipping air

By increasing the SKU numbers in your shipping totes – and increasing your team’s ability to locate product in the system – you can transport more product in the same amount of space. This means you can:

  • lower your fuel bills
  • reduce your carbon footprint
  • maximise space and efficiency
S&S Plastics Insert Tubs in use

Cut out the card

Standard card inserts are an environmentally-unfriendly and inefficient solution. Frequently damaged and destroyed, cardboard is a drain on purchase budgets and requires storing until it can be removed.

The Insert Tub is a reusable, long-lasting solution, with 0% risk of water damage.

With integrated barcode placements, the Insert Tub delivers exactly what your business needs – and it’s a sustainable solution.

Made from fully-recycled materials

Every Insert Tub is made from 100% recycled polypropylene. Utilising waste output from UK plastics manufacturing, it is a simple solution that reduces the need for landfill waste and fresh raw materials, helping to keep resources within the supply chain.

The manufacturing process results in minimal plastic waste as 99% of waste material is reground and reinjected into the moulding process – this closed loop ensures there is minimal environmental impact in the manufacturing of Insert Tubs.

S&S Plastics are proud to have developed rigorous protocols and processes to keep waste at a minimum. We are building sustainability into the manufacturing process across our moulding facility.

Because of their 100% recycled manufacturing process, Insert Tubs are except from the UK Plastic Packaging Tax – another aspect of their design the whole team here are proud of!