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Efficiency redefined.

Designed for the 21st century business, the Insert Tub solves solves logistics, storage and carbon footprint challenges.

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The ultimate tote box: introducing the Insert Tub

The pandemic, along with rising pressure from regulators, stakeholders and consumers, is leading many businesses to scrutinise the stability, efficiency and environmental effect of their supply chains.

A need to build and manage an efficient and sustainable supply chain is more important than ever.

At S&S Plastics, we realise this. That’s why we’ve designed and manufactured a product that can help your business make its supply chain more efficient and sustainable – and allow you to save on storage and fuel costs.

This product is the Insert Tub.




S&S Insert Tubs are suitable for nesting

It’s up to 800% more efficient

When fitted into a plastic container, tub or tote box, the Insert Tub allows you to store up to eight stock-keeping units (SKUs) in just one tote, making every tote you store and transport up to 800% more efficient.


It’s 100% recycled and 100% recyclable

Designed and manufactured in the UK, every Insert Tub is made from 100% recycled polypropylene and can be reused as you need.

Utilising our injection moulding expertise we chose 100% recycled polyprop as the ideal material for the Insert Tubs. It allows us to reduce our waste materials, and is far better for the environment than the production of card that will be disposed of anyway.

Factor in the recent Plastic Tax and a desire to create a more sustainable supply chain and the Insert Tubs can have an immediate impact on the triple bottom line.

A greener, more efficient supply chain can – and will – deliver real benefits to your business. The Insert Tub can support your business to achieve both.



S&S Plastics Insert Tubs in use