Store product, not air.

Insert Tubs are a 100% recycled commercial storage solution.
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Stop paying to store air!

With the Insert Tub, you can stop paying to store air and maximise the use of your warehouse space.

Every Insert Tub you use in your warehouse will allow you to store up to eight stock-keeping units (SKUs) in a single storage tote, converting wasted air into efficient storage.

Compatible with a wide range of tote storage boxes and plastic storage bins, the Insert Tub can optimise the space you have available by supporting more SKUs per rack and shelf.

plastic moulding shape

Maximise storage space – and safety

The Insert Tub exceeds FM Global Drainage standards, minimising the risk of warehouse fires and allowing you to control water leaks and prevent costly damage.

When multiple Insert Tubs are not being used, they can be stacked together to maximise available space.

Barcodes are integrated on every Insert Tub. This allows each Tub to be scanned and accounted for easily by warehouse robots, saving potential labour costs.

Save on cardboard costs for storage

Insert Tubs remove the need to spend on cardboard or correx, saving you the cost of buying more of these materials every year – and the risk of relying on a supplier for those materials. Instead, the Insert Tub is reusable and made from 100% recycled materials, making it a low-waste, environmentally-friendly and low-cost option.

To find out how the Insert Tub can maximise warehouse space and improve efficiencies across your warehousing and inventory operations, contact us today.